Meet Our Estheticians | The Belle & Blush Beauty Bar

Meet Our Estheticians | The Belle & Blush Beauty Bar

Beauty Services Little Rock, AR

The estheticians at the Belle & Blush Beauty Bar are all moms who know that sometimes high-end esthetic services are the exact thing Mom wants. From luxury facials to gift cards to lash and brow services to organic spray tans, these esthetic pros love to customize solutions that help moms feel extra pampered and pretty every single day. So we got with them and their sweet kiddos to find out what they have their eye on for Mother’s Day this year (in addition to beauty services, of course).

Esthetician Little Rock, AR

I know a lot of busy moms like me would love this Natura Bisse Inhibit Set because the serum is game changing.  The active ingredients help to relax the facial contractions that cause lines & wrinkles.  it also helps to extend invasive cosmetic procedures' effectiveness or replace them altogether.

I love that the B&B Gift Bar allows families to come in and curate personalized gift boxes. I know my family would fill one with little luxuries to pamper me that I might not usually buy for myself, so seeing what they would pick out would mean a lot to me.

I spend a lot of time perfecting lashes and brows, so taking some time to treat myself to a Hydrafacial would be ideal for me. It’s always nice to let someone pamper you a bit, especially when the results are as impactful as they are with Hyrafacial treatments.

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