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Ask An Esthetician

When you’re trying to improve the look of your skin, it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you know what to do to achieve the results you’re looking for? Our Beauty Bar clients are full of questions for our estheticians, and these are some of the most common ones they receive. Just think of it as “Facial Treatments: 101”

Ask An Esthetician

Q - “What types of facials does the Belle & Blush Beauty Bar offer?”

A - Our estheticians perform Natura Bissé protocols and Hydrafacials as well as Belle & Blush custom treatments that combine the two. They also perform Dermaplaning facials and Hydrojelly facials. They are extensively trained on each treatment and, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of each one, are skilled at combining treatments to design custom facials that meet individual clients’ needs.

Ask An Esthetician

Q - “How do I know which facials or treatments are right for me?”

A - Our estheticians are experienced and professionally trained. Your esthetician can talk with you about your concerns and look at your skin to help you determine the best course of action to get you that perfectly glowy skin you’re after. She can help you decide between individual treatments or a regimen of different types of facials that work together to achieve maximum results.

Ask An Esthetician

Q - “How far in advance of an event should I start scheduling facials?”

A - For a big event like a wedding, we recommend starting a facial regimen 6-8 months, depending on how dramatic the results you hope to see are. If you are not working towards something big like a wedding and just want to generally improve your skin, we recommend booking an appointment every 1-2 months. We love, and repeatedly recommend, the Natura Bisse Face-lift Facial 2-3 days before a special event.

Ask An Esthetician

Q - “What should I be doing at home to boost the results of professional facials?”

A - Ask your esthetician to offer some skincare suggestions and create a routine for yourself. Be honest with her and yourself about how much time you are willing to spend each day applying products. We don't want to create a more complex regimen that you are able to commit to and carry out daily.

Ask An Esthetician

Q - “What if I want to buy services to give as a gift?”

A: Belle & Blush Beauty Bar gift cards are always available and are an excellent way to encourage someone to pamper herself. They can be redeemed for any of our Beauty Bar services including facials, lash and brow treatments and organic spray tans.

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