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Diamond Cocoon Enzyme Cleanser

$ 86

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The key step for an intensive anti-pollution cleansing. Do you know that pollutant particles adhere to your skin and could penetrate to the deepest layers of the epidermis without your noticing? This causes several imbalances that alter your skin. To prevent these imbalances, deep cleansing is necessary: this effective mousse does just that, thanks to CaptureEX3 technology (dissolves - captures - absorbs), removes PM2.5 and PM10 particles from your skin surface up to 82%*. The result? A purified, fresh, luminous complexion.

Apply the product at night before your regular toner, serum and cream. Spread an even layer over your dried face. Next, moisten your fingertips and gently massage into a light lather with circular strokes, avoiding the eye contour area. Remove with abundant water or sponges moistened with warm water.

• Depending on the amount of pollution in your area, use daily or once or twice a week, alternating with your regular cleanser.

• Use a toner immediately afterward for intensive cleansing.

3.5 oz