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Oxygen Perfecting Oil

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Imagine an oil infused with pure oxygen, that quenches your skin’s thirst; its deep need for hydration and invigoration.

This two-phase body oil spray, a compound of water and oil, powerfully hydrates, while leaving a dry finish. What’s more, it nourishes and tones the skin, improves elasticity, while detoxifying and purifying the skin from free radicals. Its cocktail, packed with ingredients like quinoa with a high concentration of micronutrients, Spirulina algae, an intense active antioxidant ingredient, as well as chia oil and artichoke extract, makes this the ultimate body hydrating treatment.

Apply it generously whenever you feel your skin needs hydration and comfort.

  • For those exposed to the sun, this is the perfect refreshing and regenerating treatment.
  • For post-sunbathing and post-waxing, use the spray for revitalizing, nourishing and calming the skin.
  • For a nourishing toning bath, add a few drops of oil to the water.
  • For boosting the moisturizing effect, add a few drops to your usual cream or apply the oil first.

7 oz