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Volcano Goddess Eye Palette

$ 46

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A brand-new, limited-edition eyeshadow palette featuring 12 mesmerizing eyeshadows in three different finishes—Ultra-Matte, Shimmer and Molten Metallic.

Create an endless range of smoldering eye looks with this brand-new, limited-edition eyeshadow palette. Features 3 brand new, long lasting, ultra-versatile formulas. The Shimmer formula provides silky-smooth color with a light-reflecting finish. The Molten Metallic formula contains a unique blend of vivid pigment and metamorphic pearl that is activated by pressing firmly on the shades and using your fingertips to apply. The Ultra-Matte formula features high impact, ultra creamy pigments with superior laying powder and blendability.

Becca Cosmetics offers simplistic yet fantastic formulations for achieving a perfect-looking complexion. Becca Cosmetics exists on the simple philosophy of creating the most beautiful you.