Sébium H2O Wipes


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Bioderma's dermatological and biodegradable wipes are soaked in our Sébium Micellar Water, to guarantees perfect cleansing.

With their micellar water filled with fatty acid esters, grouped in molecules that absorb impurities like tiny sponges, the Sébium H2O Wipes cleanse your skin, without drying it out. Made with gingko extract and copper sulfate, the wipes contribute to cleanse and purify the epidermis.

  • Cleanses impurities from skin
  • Purifies and visibly reduces appearance of irregularities
  • Soothes feelings of irritation
  • Biodegradable wipes
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Colorant-free
  1. Open the sachet and take a wipe.
  2. Gently cleanse and/or remove makeup from your face, eyes, and neck.
  3. Continue until the wipe comes away clean. Use more than one if necessary.
  4. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.
  5. Close the sachet well after use. If wipes become dry, you can pour Sébium H2O Micellar Water in sachet to rehydrate the wipes.

25 wipes

BIODERMA has been passionate about serving skin biology for 40 years. Their innovations and participation in dermatological breakthroughs to improve skin health have made them pioneering experts in dermatological care.