Cherry blooms
Fiber Brow Kit - Mocha

$ 49

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Cherry Bloom's proprietary blend of natural fibers, clay, mineral powder act like instant brows, embedding fibers that fill out gaps and extend length where needed. The formula is stays on the surface of the skin and does not absorb in pores making it sweat and splash proof.

• Perfectly engineered brow stencils compliment all face frames
• Easily create perfect, professional-looking brows in 10 seconds
• Choose from 3 stencils; thin, thick or natural


1. Take the wand from the bottle and vertically open SLOWLY. Tap excess powder before placing on the stencil. Place preferred stencil over your eyebrow. Use the wand and brush on the end of your brows first making your way to the start of your brows where it is the thickest. Ensure you have completely covered the stencil area and do not move stencil during application.

2. Wipe stencil clean, flip over and use on the other eyebrow, ensuring you have lined stencil correctly in uniform to the other.

3. Repeat step 1.


Mocha for Blonde to Light Brown Hair