Palm Springs Panache Candle



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Papaya & Agave Nectar

Welcome to the land of 88 degrees and sunny, where the desert oasis bakes the pool till just warm... You plunge and adjust your bathing suit. The ice clinks, fruity papaya cocktails sweat on the deck, and you're refreshed with the sweet agave and musk that's in the air till the sun's last orange light.

  • Triple Scented
  • Soy Wax
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • No PEGs

Top Notes: Orange, Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Papaya, Mango, Cassis

Base Notes: Musk, Coconut Water, Agave Nectar

  1. Trim wicks to 7mm before each use using scissors or a wick trimmer. If wicks are too short the wax may not burn all the way to the edge (tunneling), and if too long the wicks may appear to mushroom causing black soot to form on the glass.
  2. Place candle in a non-drafty area, away from small children, pets and flammable material.

380 g/13.4 oz

Each one transformational, Glasshouse Fragrances deliver unrivalled experiences that take you further than fragrance.

Fragrance aficionado Nicole Eckels launched Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006 from a spark of imagination and a belief in the power of fragrance to transform and elevate the everyday. Since launch, Glasshouse Fragrances has quickly grown to become a leading brand in the Australian fragrance market.

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