Gratitude glass jars
Wish Glass Jar

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You are never given a Wish without the power to make it come true. Use this jar to capture all that you wish for. Then imagine, believe and achieve your dreams!

A beautiful hand crafted glass jar with wooden lid.

Packaged with 200 gold foil Wish cards.

H 10.2 inches /D 6.1 inches H 26 cm / D 15 cm

“Gratitude Glass Jars are about capturing the spirit of living, celebrating life events, sharing memories and expressing words of love. Allowing families, loved ones and friends to share their love and gratitude for each other.

After going through a deeply traumatic period, I was left devastated by what life can throw at you. I knew that I was going to have to dig deep within myself to heal and to find faith in the world again.

The daily practice of expressing gratitude allowed me to see light again. Leading to where I am now where I can begin each day with an open heart and be thankful for the beautiful world around me and the people that form part of it. Celebrating where life can take you if you choose each day to be aware, open and positive.

I believe in the power of Gratitude. It allowed me to share my story, connect, heal and rediscover my authentic self. Life is short, words go unsaid and values not lived.

I am so touched to see that these jars are allowing us all to capture the written word. Providing a beautiful keepsake through which we can connect with others, share our stories, our words of love.

Please continue to share your stories with me, I love reading each and everyone of them! ”

                                                                                            With love and gratitude, 
                                                                                                                  Claire x