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Shark Toy Soap

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Look out for this new bathtub addition, sure to cause a wave! Adored by kids of all ages, this irresistible soap features a friendly vinyl Shark toy swimming happily in a fruity-fragranced, naturally moisturizing glycerin soap. A low PH means it’s mild, kid-safe, and ready to liven up your clean routine.

5.5 oz

Woman-owned and operated, the products Heartland Fragrance sells are made in St. Louis, Missouri with an emphasis on quality.  It’s a beautiful thing to be able to create something that enhances the everyday lives of their customers.  Handmade Soap is different than conventional soap and Epsom Salt is so much more than just a bath additive.  Natural with a twist, their love affair with a variety of colors and fragrances shines through in everything they do.  Whether you’re an earthy, herbal, fruity, citrus, or floral person, they've got something you’ll love.

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