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Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask

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100% Natural Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask for Face and Body

– Nourishes the skin with minerals

– Detoxes skin from dirt, sweat, pollution buildup

– Draws blood to the surface leaving skin plump and tight

– Mud texture acts as a natural skin polish leaving you with silky soft skin

– Create stimulation for skins natural health and glow

– Minimize active acne breakouts

This mask delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects derived from Hungarian Thermal Baths, where potent blends of luxurious minerals such as sulfurs delivers everything your skin is craving. Minimizing breakouts, Maximizing hydration and a invigorating natural stimulation ensures your skins natural health and appearance.

Activated Hungarian Thermal Mud and Water, The Raw Healing Minerals of Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Kalium (K), Sulphur and Ginger Milk Essential Oil

Working with the body for over 20 years, Ildi Pekar has focused her craft on all the manifestations of cellular damage and accelerated aging that are skin deep, providing her clients with measurable results in both their visual appearance and their overall sense of well-being.

A native of Budapest, Ildi Pekar incorporates her deeply rooted cultural and educational experiences as a skin care therapist to promote her philosophy “skin care is health care”. Ildi’s home country of Hungary is known as the “spa capital” of the world, and served as a foundation for the creation of her renowned healing therapies.

Ildi brings a unique approach to her clients that combines the “magic” of traditional remedies with modern technologies to provide a deeper nurturing experience for you. Building on her European roots and an established, loyal following, Ildi provides these forward-thinking and nurturing touch to those who need healing in both physical and spiritual grounds.

With her vision, and over 20 years of strengthening her techniques, Ildi leads the way in skin analysis for face and body care.