Day Tan Face

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Conditioning non-aerosol mousse that builds a light golden glow in only an hour, a medium tan in two and a deep bronze after three hours of use. This fast-acting tanning mousse for the face has bronze control technology that allows wearers to customize their desired shade of tan. Formulated with witch hazel, cucumber extract and vitamin E, this odorless self-tanner nourishes the skin while building a natural-looking tan.

Dispense a small amount of self tanner and smooth over the face. Blend right up to the hairline, over the jawline and onto the neck. Finish by applying any remaining product over the ears. Wash hands thoroughly after use if not using a tanning mitt. Avoid contact with eyes and lips.

James Read Tan is the only tanning range formulated and headed up by a leading tanning expert. With his unique take on self tan, James was the first person to put skincare and tanning into the spotlight. Every product within the range is dreamt up by James himself, resulting in a concise edit of skincare rich, innovative, multi-purpose tanning products (or as we like to call them, tanning hybrids) to suit all skin tones and types.