LIPSTICK QUEEN | Black Lace Rabbit Blush
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  • LIPSTICK QUEEN | Black Lace Rabbit Blush

LIPSTICK QUEEN | Black Lace Rabbit Blush

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An alluring first in the beauty world - The World's First Black Blush is mesmerizing! A haunting black blush that turns to a sexy sheer berry on the cheek to complement your unique skin tone. With a touch of gold shimmer, Black Lace Rabbit Blush gives a mysterious black candlelit glow.

Continuing the fairytale of the Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick designed to be like stockings on the lips, this latest creation is designed to be like a trace of lace on your cheeks, sheer and sexy!

The silky formula is rich with natural oils, anti-oxidant Vitamin E, and Shea Butter. Super chic, Black Lace Rabbit Blush will surprise you as it works with your pH to tint and give your cheeks and intriguing hue that looks bold in your purse but pretty on your cheeks.

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