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Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate

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Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate is a time-saving, transformative styling treatment that gives coarse or thick hair types a smooth, easy and visibly healthier blowout – in half the time. Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate contains a heat-activated formula with reparative ingredients that smooth the cuticle, help hair dry faster (without excessive heat or mechanical damage), and protect against future styling damage. Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate is designed to address the 3 pain points for creating a smooth blowout on coarse or thick hair:
  • Smoothness: Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) and reparative ingredients make hair look and feel softer, shinier and more manageable.
  • Speed: Our Speed Dry formula cuts blowout time in half – with less heat and mechanical stress.
    • Two-thirds of women agreed cuts blowout time in half.
  • Protection: Thermal protectants shield hair from heat up to 450° F/230° C and prevent future thermal damage.
Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate is ideal for coarse or thick hair. Safe for color-treated hair.


Using technology originating from MIT, Living Proof invents and patents new molecules that have never been used in beauty before. With over 45 awards to date, it continues to develop innovative solutions that change the way our hair behaves, revolutionizing the world of beauty. For head turning, bliss creating, confidence boosting results.