Molton brown
Infusing Eucalyptus Stimulating Body Polisher

$ 50

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A body scrub with rejuvenating, breathtaking scents and exfoliating sugar that purifies the skin, while stimulating the mood.

The way they blend it
Exfoliating sugar particles.
Uplifting eucalyptus leaf oil and mint aroma.
Cedarwood oil and musk note.

Why you'll love it
Deep-cleanse your body for the ultimate rejuvenating spa experience.

How to use
Stimulate your skin with infusing aromas using circular upward motions in the bath or shower. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and moisturize.

Molton Brown shower gels, body lotions, and hand care products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out on the shelf.