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Diamond Cocoon Skin Booster

$ 250

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Your recommended daily protection against pollution. Empower your skin with this unique prebiotic formula that acts as a booster for your regular treatment products, transforming them into powerful skincare allies. This revitalizing concentrate strengthens the skin barrier, provides biological antioxidant protection against blue light, improves skin oxygenation by up to 92%* and balances your skin’s microbiota, promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms (microbial flora), essential for its strength and beauty. The result is firm, fortified and radiant skin.

Apply in the morning and, if you wish, also at night. Place 0.5 ml of the concentrate (3 pumps) on your hand and add a similar amount of your regular treatment product (moisturizer, serum, oil etc.). Mix the two products and apply gently to your face, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed.

• Especially recommended for allergy seasons, as it helps protect skin against allergens.

• To revitalize dull, lackluster skin, use it morning and night as an intensive treatment.

• We recommend not mixing it with products that contain sunscreen to ensure optimal protection against sun.

1.0 oz