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Diamond Drops

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An exclusive shield with a light texture and multiple-action protection that guards your skin against harmful environmental aggressors. Includes an exclusive marine DNA concentrate, a regenerating active ingredient that deeply penetrates the skin to restore its natural DNA, and is capable of creating a protective barrier on the outer layers of the skin. Extremely hydrating, DIAMOND DROPS erases signs of fatigue, lifts and seals the surface of your skin for a perfect makeup application. The final step to your beauty ritual.

Apply the product evenly, onto face, neck and décolleté, over your regular treatment cream. Spreading gently without massaging.

• For perfect makeup that lasts hours you can apply DIAMOND DROPS to your regular cream, before putting on your base makeup.

• Mixing a small amount of DIAMOND DROPS with your base makeup guarantees an even, luminous result.

• In very cold and dry climates, it acts as a protective shield against the damage any harmful aggressors can inflict.

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