Diamond Extreme Hand Cream


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Don’t let your hands show your age

We use our hands for everything. They reveal our journey. They endure yet are often neglected. Enjoy the hydrating effects of Diamond Extreme for hands. This luxurious lightweight cream nourishes and soothes. Triple-action technology reduces the appearance of the signs of aging and provides long-lasting moisture, while helping minimize the look of dark spots. This cream gives you the confidence to shake, hold or caress with soft, elegant hands.

  • Nourishes intensely and reduces signs of roughness and dryness.
  • Helps reduce the look of hyperpigmentation.
  • Creates a moisture barrier that helps minimize the negative impact of external aggressors on your skin.
  1. Apply the cream to your hands.
  2. Massage gently to absorb all nutrients.
  • Treat your hands to our 4-step ritual for powerful anti-aging results: exfoliate, hydrate, and soothe with a mask, nourish nails and cuticles with an oil, then finish with Diamond Extreme Hand Cream.
  • Highly recommended for beautiful nails and cuticles.

Epidermal Renewal Complex is a sophisticated self-regulator for skin that reinforces the moisture barrier and helps improve tone and texture.

Niacinamide helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and even skin tone while providing exceptional radiance.

Hydrolyzed collagen helps reveal firmer and plumper skin.

Punicic acidomega 5) and turmeric extract infuse antioxidant benefits to minimize the appearance of signs of aging.

A cocktail of plumping lipids (amaranth, chia oils, and shea butter) improves skin suppleness.

2.5 oz

Natura Bissé entered the skincare world through professional skincare spas and carries out more than 7.5 million annual treatments in leading spas and luxury resorts worldwide. They work strictly with master aestheticians, building and maintaining close partnerships. By adapting, evolving and listening to the voice of each and every skin, Natura Bissé has refined their products and rituals and developed targeted treatments for specific skin needs and concerns.