Lavender & Clary Sage Misting Diffuser Refill


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Find your place of peace with this Misting Diffuser Oil featuring notes of lavender, clary sage, lemon, and rosemary.

Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemon, and Rosemary

Simply add a few drops of this calming blend to your NEST New York Misting Diffuser (sold separately) to create a peaceful retreat within your home. You can customize the intensity of the fragrance diffused into the air by the number of drops used.

0.5 fl oz / 15 mL

NEST Fragrances was founded by Laura Slatkin in 2005, continuing the legendary reputation she and her husband, Harry, earned for developing original and award-winning luxury home fragrance collections with their first luxury home fragrance company, Slatkin & Co. Working with the world’s most acclaimed master perfumers, the Slatkins created distinctive and luxurious home fragrances, personal care products and fine fragrances that met the highest standards of fine fragrance quality and excellence.