ORLA KIELY | Sage & Cassis Reed Diffuser
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ORLA KIELY | Sage & Cassis Reed Diffuser

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Combining the soothing elements of green sage and the summery sweetness of red cassis, creating a delightfully fresh scent with a subtle femininity that gently permeates the senses.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After uncorking, insert the reed sticks into the bottle. Leave for 24-36 hours to allow the scent to diffuse into the room. For a stronger scent, turn sticks around every two to three weeks.

WARNINGS: Place your diffuser on a flat and stable surface, out of reach of pets and children. Do not light the diffuser sticks. Keep your diffuser away from heat or flames. Contents are flammable. Do not drink the contents of the bottle. If ingested, seek medical attention and take this bottle with you. Do not place the diffuser on wood or fabrics. Do not allow the sticks to come into contact with fabrics, furniture or wallpaper. To avoid staining, clean any leaks and spills immediately.

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