PATCHOLOGY | Energizing Eye Gels Kit - 12 Treatments
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  • PATCHOLOGY | Energizing Eye Patches Kit - 12 Treatments
  • PATCHOLOGY | Energizing Eye Patches Kit - 12 Treatments
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  • eye patches
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PATCHOLOGY | Energizing Eye Patches Kit - 12 Treatments

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Product Details

Revitalize Tired, Puffy, Youth Depleted Eyes with Micro-Current

Like a "re-charging station" for your eyes our patented micro-current delivery technology gently pushes essential ingredients right where your skin needs them most for targeted eye revitalization.

  • Deeply hydrates and renews eyes in a way that topical creams or serums cannot.
  • Delivers long lasting results to tone, brighten and smooth the under eye area.
  • Helps to alleviate the signs of pre-mature aging, puffiness and dark circles.
  • With continued use the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet are diminished.

Included: Activating Gel, 0.25oz; Energizing Eye Patches, 3 pairs (Reusable 4x ); Refreshing Wipes, 24 wipes

Step 1: Apply Gel to Patches

Gently squeeze the Activating Gel Tube and spread a generous, even layer of gel directly onto the back of the first patch. Move to Step 2 (Apply Patches) and then repeat Step 1 with second patch.

Step 2: Apply Patches

Apply each patch to clean, dry skin and press firmly. The patch will activate automatically and begin the gentle micro-current infusion. Each patch should be worn for 20 minutes. If the patch is not adhering to your skin, simply add more Activating Gel under the patch and re-apply.

Step 3: Remove, Wipe and Store

Gently remove the patches and wipe the treatment area with the Refreshing Wipes to reveal renewed, refreshed skin. Following your treatment, you may apply your favorite eye cream, serum and/or makeup. Place the patches back onto the clear plastic sheet and then back into the re-sealable pouch.

Each patch may be re-used up to 4 times.


Hyaluronic Acid:Hydrates and plumps the skin, helping it retain elasticity and firmnessOkra Plant Peptide:Calms and soothes, leaving skin tighter and feeling softerCucumber and Mint Extracts:Soothes the under-eye area and helps alleviate puffinessVitamin C:Brightens and reduces the appearance of dark circlesVitamins B3 and B5:Protect against free radicals, which can lead to signs of premature aging.

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