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PreHeels Spray

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PreHeels creates a strong, invisible, long-lasting barrier on the skin to protect your feet from blisters.


1. PreHeels aerosolized spray molds to the unique shape of your foot

2. Quickly drying on the skin forming a strong flexible coating

3. Creating an invisible anti-friction barrier between your feet and shoes

PreHeels is an aerosolized spray that forms a dry, clear, durable barrier on the skin to block shoe-friction which is the root cause of almost all blisters. The formula was perfected through three years of scientific research and has been demonstrated to be safe, effective and hypoallergenic in multiple clinical studies. Unlike bandages and balms, PreHeels goes on clear to work with different shoe styles and all skin tones, it won't rub off on your footwear, and it creates a strong, flexible barrier that conforms perfectly to the unique shape of each foot for optimal coverage.