SJAL | Bio-Regeneratif Serum
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  • SJAL | Bio-Regeneratif Serum

SJAL | Bio-Regeneratif Serum

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Product Details

[active energy lift]

1 fl. oz. / 30 mL

This 6-in-1 highly active energistic serum focuses on cellular regeneration, lifting and wrinkles with the latest targeted peptide complexes, combined with malachite extract and själ’s signaturegemstone and mineral blend for protection, radiance, energy and even skin tone.

Patented Platinum and Peptide Complexes provide comprehensive anti-aging treatment including lifting, regeneration and wrinkle depth reduction. The frequency of the malachite extract and själ’s proprietary gemstone blend containing amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond and tourmaline, vibrationaly resonates at a cellular level, allowing for optimized cellular energy and metabolism, whilst at the same time helping to protect the skin from radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.


  • simulates fibroblast cell division, regenerates tissue, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles (platinum matrix, matrixyl, collagen peptide, mineral blend, malachite complex)
  • inhibits muscle contraction, reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by facial expression (hexa-peptide complex)
  • stimulates collagen synthesis (collagen peptide, oil soluble vitamin C, malachite complex)
  • protects the skin from oxidative stresses/ Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) (malachite complex, själ gemstone blend, soothing actiphyte blend)
  • micro circulation, clarity and cellular energy rebalance (själ gemstone blend)
  • hydration, protection and soothing (hyaluronic acid, soothing actiphyte blend, mineral blend)

how to use

apply to face, throat and eye area twice a day after cleansing and toning. follow with själ saphir concentrate face oil and/or crème for maximum benefits. may be used alone depending on climate and skin type. suitable for all skin types.

**Malachite stones are not included with product

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