Cela Intuitif Creme 1.7oz

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[light cellular renewal crème]

A lightweight crème designed to fight the effects of photo-aging, promote cellular renewal, brighten and even skin tone, detoxify, minimize pores and reduce fine lines. 

Cela Intuitif [light cellular renewal crème] polishes, nourishes and hydrates skin without irritation, while calming inflammation. This unique formula contains brightening peptides, licorice, pearl and plant extracts for brightening, a carnosine peptide for detoxification, african whitewood for pore minimization and platinum multi-peptides for anti-aging. The non-oily, lightweight texture prevents clogged pores while balancing moisture levels. Ideal for combination to oily skin, or anyone who prefers a lightweight crème

  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles by using a long term peptide complex, själ rejuva complex and an elastin peptide complex.
  • Promotes clarity and reduction of fine lines through gentle exfoliation from natural fruit acids.
  • Evens skin pigmentation with oil soluble vitamin C, pearl and licorice.
  • Protects renewed skin against further damage from free radicals with oil soluble vitamin C, superoxide dismutase, and green tea.
  • Soothes and calms skin with algae's and bisabolol
  • Promotes wrinkle smoothness and improves tone and elasticity with red algae extract, bisabolol, and matrixyl 3000.

    Apply day/night with fingertips from face to décolleté and gently massage into skin. May be used after cleansing/toning, alone or after Bio-Regeneratif Serum and/or Saphir Concentrate [anti-aging face oil]. Recommended to follow with an SPF during daylight hours. Ideal for combination-oily skin.


      • advanced brightening peptide  
      • oil soluble vitamin c
      • själ rejuva complex™
      • platinum peptide 
      • super oxide dismutase
      • red algae extract
      • matrixyl 3000


      • själ signature gemstone blend: sapphire, diamond, amethyst, citrine, ruby, quartz, and tourmaline  
      • gold
      • platinum 
      • pearl 
          1.7 fl. oz. / 50 mL
          An integrative approach to anti-aging skincare, själ bridges elements of ancient eastern medicines with the latest in western biotechnology, infused with energy through precious minerals and gemstones.

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