STARLET SATIN | Travel Pillow - Whoopee White
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  • STARLET SATIN | Travel Pillow - Whoopee White

STARLET SATIN | Satin Travel Pillow - Whoopee White

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With the Starlet Satin Travel Pillow, you too can reap the incredible beauty benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase, no matter where you are or where you are going! This plush, faux-down pillow encased with the highest quality satin pillowcase is perfect to help you get your beauty sleep during any car, train, or plane ride. Both your skin and hair glide smoothly over the soft satin, meaning you'll arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed, and free of "bed head" and sleep lines. Made with Starlet Satin's own custom satin that is incredibly silky soft and launders beautifully, your Travel Pillow will protect your hair and skin for years to come.  Packaged in a reusable, convenient carrying case with rope handles.

Why sleep on a satin pillowcase?

  • Decreases hair damage & breakage
  • Minimizes sleep lines on the face
  • Non-abrasive on skin after facial treatments
  • Protects eyelash & hair extensions
  • Extends the life of blow-outs
  • Preserves natural moisture in hair & skin

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