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Looking for a versatile hair tie that looks great on your wrist? Teleties is your answer! The strong grip, no rip hair tie has many benefits and will be sure to transform your everyday.

This five pack includes 3 smalls and 2 larges.

No headaches



Does not leave kinks or indentations in the hair after use

Does not damage the hair

Strong grip

Comfortable and cute on the wrist

Looks fun and attractive in the hair

Comes as a pack of 3 bands

6.5 cm wide X 1 cm tall

In their quest for total well-being, it dawned on Teleties that a key element was missing in their desire for stylish athleisure: a super cute, functional hair tie that stayed accessible on our wrists without looking so, well, hair tie-ish. This led to a mission to create the perfect go-to hair accessory: an all-in-one hair tie that doubled as a stackable bracelet when it wasn’t “holding it together” in our hair. These hair ties needed to be as capable and multitasking as the women wearing them. Teleties designed their waterproof hair ties to stretch as far as you need them, with a strong, yet gentle grip that won’t damage your hair or cause headaches.