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Candele Da Viaggio

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Experience a Voyage of Discovery with a travel-sized trio of Tocca's hand poured candles. These far-off destinations will satisfy your wanderlust

Montauk: Feel the longboard beneath you as you experience the natural liveliness of botanical cucumber, wild mint and fresh salt air. The initial contrast of dewy greens and Atlantic clean air yields a bohemian soul of beach apple, warm jasmine and crisp violet leaves, all wrapped in a cloud of beach musk, violet flower and velvety sandalwood.

Capri: The private life of Capri is revealed in this "oh so secret" fragrance of sensual Mediterranean grapefruit, melon and lemon, warmed by a voluptuous trio of peach, bougainvillea and jasmine. When kissed with soft cypress wood and rare Italian amber, you uncover a magical, private scent that invites all who experience it to feel a little incognito, too

Valencia: Once upon a time, the Valencian orange was traded for gold and silk. Today, it is a luxurious scent that cocoons sumptuous orange blossom and bergamot with exquisite notes of jasmine, neroli and rose, all surrounded with a brocade of cedar wood, golden musk and velvety vetiver.

3 candles, 2 oz. each

20 hours each

A hand-crafted collection of exquisite beauty products, designed to bring cherished inspirations from around the world to you.
TOCCA was born out of friendship, wanderlust and a lot of love. They started as a young group of friends, who loved travel, and the discovery of beautiful people, places & things. Their curiosity for textures & embroideries, scents & gardens led them into the world of artisanal fashion & beauty.