Skincare S.O.S. | How to Continue Your Skincare Routine on Vacation

Skincare S.O.S. | How to Continue Your Skincare Routine on Vacation

With the season of travel approaching, one item that often goes overlooked is your skincare routine. While we definitely believe skin maintenance is a 365 day a year job, we also know how precious that suitcase space can be. These are our tips for adapting your skincare routine for upcoming Spring and Summer vacations.

Take advantage of your plane or car ride and give your skin a pre-vacation boost with sheet masks. They’ll help fight dehydration on the plane and start your trip with a gorgeous glow. The On The Fly Kit from Patchology was designed specifically to be your carry-on companion and includes four different masks to hydrate and illuminate all areas of the face. We also love their Resting Beach Face kit to soothe post-sun skin on the flight or drive back home. 

Travel Mini Skincare

It’s perfectly ok to condense your skincare routine when you’re on vacation, in fact we encourage you to. There's no need to bring every serum, mask and peel with you. Shorten your routine by focusing travel mini versions of the essentials that keep skin clean and moisturized. The four items we recommend bringing with you are makeup remover towelettes, a good cleanser, SPF eye cream and hydrating moisturizer

Travel Skincare

Pack products that multitask to save room in your suitcase and time on your trip. A tinted moisturizer with SPF acts as your daytime face cream, foundation and sunscreen all in one. A tinted lip balm adds moisture and color in one swipe.




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