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Large Summer Florals Matchbox


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With an eye-catching floral pattern in hues of pink, orange & white, it's an attractive and easy way to light your favorite candle safely and quickly. The box contains approx. 60 safety matches and a conveniently-placed match striker on the side.

  1. Gently strike in the direction away from your body so the fire ignites and starts away from you, not towards you.
  2. When lighting a candle, hold the match with the fire facing upwards. Flames move upward, so allow plenty of wood for the fire to burn between your hand and the flame during use.
  3. To extinguish a lit match simply blow it out, drop it into water, or gently shake it out.
  4. Ensure the match is completely extinguished before disposing. Do not attempt to use or ignite damaged or broken matches; discard them.

BOX SIZE: 4.5" x 2.25" x 0.75"

MATCH SIZE: 4" long.

Approx. 60 matches included.