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Satin-Line Flexi Shower Cap


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Extra-wide size & waterproof shell fully covers hair & preserves your style. Luxurious satin lining is gentle on most hair types & keeps hair frizz-free.

  • Tuck-free! The open-back design makes it easy to keep all loose hair dry
  • Unique adjustable back wire closure delivers a secure & comfortable fit for most hair lengths
  • Super-soft inner layer offers extra comfort for a spa-like shower experience
  1. Pull the shower hood completely over your head like a spa headband & place elastic at the hairline.
  2. Ensure the stitch line & wire are at the back of your head, then pull the hood up & gather hair inside.
  3. Close the opening by rolling the back of the hood toward your head.
  4. Keep rolling until the hood fits securely.
  5. Bring ends of the wire closer together to secure fit.
Cassandra Thurswell is an FIDM-grad who started Kitsch in 2010 at the age of 25 years old. Armed with 134 tupperware containers full of jewelry and 15,983 hair ties, all cut and tied herself, she began with the goal of creating a company filled with inspiration and positivity it its employees as well as its products.