Lovestruck Bracelet - Grow


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Grow—not where you are planted, but where you can bloom. Set your growth upward with colorful floral beads and faux pearls.

  • Hand-crafted, porcelain and faux pearl beaded bracelet
  • Plated brass hardware
  • Elastic stretch bracelet

Handle with Care

Do not wet

Little Words Project® encourages women to both be kind to themselves and to others.

Each bracelet features a tag inscribed with a registration code. This code is used to register your bracelet which enters you into the Nice Girl Gang - a community of women dedicated to building each other up. Wear your Little Word® for as long you need it to remind you of just how freakin’ great you are. Eventually, you’ll find someone who needs that reminder a little more - and you’ll pass it on, so they too can benefit from its message.