Facial Dry Brush


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Get gentle exfoliation, boosted circulation, and use on tired eyes to wake up and go.

This unique vegan facial tool is soft, gentle, and effective. One of the only Dry Facial brushes on the market, it’s suitable for all skin types.

  • Boost Lymphatic Drainage
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Reduces Puffiness
  • Tones + Firms Skin
  1. Take the brush from the top of the temple & brush downward over the neck.
  2. Brush up the forehead, down the center of the nose & light circles over eyes.
  3. Stroke down the cheeks towards the chin then across the cheek towards the temple.
  4. Sweep up the jawline towards the ear. Then pull down the neck. Follow with Face Oil.

Canadian made, female owned and operated. Midnight Paloma strives on creating a connected community that is inclusive, welcoming diversity and focused on the eco-conscious lifestyle

Dedicated to hero ingredients, Midnight Paloma's line of eco-conscious selfcare staples are multipurpose based, thoughtfully curated and most importantly free of chemical preservatives, toxins and are vegan + cruelty free.