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Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream

$ 225

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Enjoy glowing skin that is even in tone and flexible thanks to this innovative formula. Designed to fight signs of aging caused by modern pollution and blue light, this reparative cream hydrates, fortifies and protects while giving a natural touch of color. This formula– that contains light adapting pigments– enhances, unifies and minimizes imperfections, to reveal a truly radiant complexion.

Every morning after your cleansing ritual and serum, apply the cream using soft movements with the fingertips onto the face, neck and décolleté. Massage softly until completely absorbed.

• Can be used underneath foundation for a more sophisticated effect.

• Contains natural pigments that adapt to all skin tones and minimize imperfections, making this cream the perfect substitute for make-up.

• Although this is a day cream, its extraordinary ability to provide radiance means at night, it is the perfect ally for those that prefer a light base with an even tone.

1.7 oz