Diamond Lip Booster


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Show off that smile

Diamond Lip Booster is a silky lip balm that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and dryness and adds instant suppleness to reveal fuller-looking lips. A subtle gloss finish enhances your natural color, and can work as a silky primer or over lipstick as a polished final slick.

  • Intensely hydrates and nourishes.
  • Adds a look of volume for plumper lips.
  • Smoothes and minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  1. Squeeze the product directly onto your lips and gently massage in circular movements using the metallic applicator provided.
  2. Apply generously as often as necessary.
  • Use this treatment regularly if you suffer from parched or chapped lips.
  • When exposed to dry weather conditions, apply before going out to protect against dehydration.

Omega 5 (punicic acid) provides antioxidant action to reduce the appearance of signs of lip aging, while improving hydration levels to maximize suppleness.

Turmeric oil and other antioxidants, including vitamin E, minimize the signs of premature aging.

Natural vitamin F nourishes skin to improve barrier function and reduce the appearance of damage caused by external aggressors.

Capsicum provides an instant plumping effect.

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