Inhibit Tensolift Neck Cream


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Anti-aging benefits for your neck

Our neck makes a big first impression. It’s certainly part of that very first glance. That is why we created this anti-wrinkle, firming daily cream.

Packed with cutting-edge ingredients, this wondrous formula reduces the appearance of specific signs of aging, such as rings of Venus, vertical lines and sagginess. This will be your go-to moisturizer to hydrate your neck and make this delicate skin appear tighter, firmer, plumper and more even in tone. Tech neck is a reality of our modern lifestyle, so don’t forget to extend your beauty routine beyond the chin!

  • Lifting effect that firms and tightens skin.
  • Smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the neck and décolleté.
  • Hydrates and helps the skin retain moisture.
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark spots, adding luminosity.
  • Makes skin texture appear softer.
  • Allergy tested.
  1. Apply this cream using gentle, upward motions.
  2. Start the massage at the bottom of the bust, moving upwards towards the neck and the top of the shoulders.
  • Tensolift Neck Cream is the perfect option for those of you looking to make your bust area appear firmer.
  • For those of you dieting, this cream helps to recapture the appearance of firm skin. Also highly recommended after giving birth.
  • Complete your neck and décolleté routine by applying Inhibit Tensolift Neck Cream daily and Inhibit Tensolift Neck Mask once a week.

The ground-breaking Biomimetic Complex contains five epidermal anti-aging ingredients—in addition to several micro peptides and amino acids—, which contribute to a younger-looking neck and décolleté.

Shiitake extract and hydrolyzed collagen help improve skin tone and the appearance of firmness.

Double hyaluronic acid—high and low molecular weight—helps retain moisture to make skin feel supple and smooth.

Aquaxyl and a powerful lipid cocktail make skin appear plumper.

Niacinamide helps diminish the appearance of discolorations and gives your décolleté a beautiful luminosity.

1.7 oz.

Natura Bissé entered the skincare world through professional skincare spas and carries out more than 7.5 million annual treatments in leading spas and luxury resorts worldwide. They work strictly with master aestheticians, building and maintaining close partnerships. By adapting, evolving and listening to the voice of each and every skin, Natura Bissé has refined their products and rituals and developed targeted treatments for specific skin needs and concerns.