NB Ceutical SOS Instant Rescue


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This refreshing serum is your best ally for instant relief from the effects of the many factors that can irritate your skin, such as allergies, hypersensitivity, burns or cold weather. S.O.S Instant Rescue offers an immediate sensation of wellbeing, controls skin reactions and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, making it more resistant. This highly effective serum with a blend of soothing active ingredients such as Phytocután® (calendula), developed by a prestigious medical team, is the perfect product to turn to any time you have any type of skin discomfort. Carry it with you always!

Apply directly to the affected area as often as necessary. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

• S.O.S. INSTANT RESCUE is perfect for use on delicate areas such as lips, eye contour or scars.

• It aids in the recovery from medical-aesthetic procedures such as microinjections, peels or laser.

• Suitable for children's skin.

• Use for: irritation, extreme dryness, stinging and redness, bumps and bruises, sunburns, scars, burning, chafing, flaking and chapped lips, as well as after shaving, tattoos and micropigmentation.

• Perfect for men, S.O.S. INSTANT RESCUE relieves irritation from shaving and clothes that chafe.

• Do not apply to open wounds.

1 oz

Natura Bissé entered the skincare world through professional skincare spas and carries out more than 7.5 million annual treatments in leading spas and luxury resorts worldwide. They work strictly with master aestheticians, building and maintaining close partnerships. By adapting, evolving and listening to the voice of each and every skin, Natura Bissé has refined their products and rituals and developed targeted treatments for specific skin needs and concerns.