Big O Key Ring - Back in Black Bamboo


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A one-size-fits-all bracelet key ring that can be worn on your forearm or above your elbow for hands-free ease. The patented, signature locking clasp clicks open and closed so you can contain your house keys, car keys, card case and more in one central, secure location. Sculpted from durable, waterproof silicone, the Bamboo Big O is a little pop of luxury on your wrist.

  • Signature Locking Clasp
  • Reinforced Inner Core
  • Non-Toxic, Waterproof Silicone
  • One-Size-Fits-All Design
Giving women an extra hand is a pervasive part of O-Venture's culture…from the products they design to their approach to the marketplace to their Over-the-top customer service. Women’s hands are full with responsibilities, children, paperwork, groceries, lattes…you name it. If O-venture can literally and figuratively give women an extra hand to hold onto what’s most important, then they have met their goal.