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Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha


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The Gua Sha's versatile comb shape offers 4 massage touch points as well as the flat surface for pressing against the sheet mask or skin to help relax muscle tension and boost serum absorption.

Black Obsidian is naturally formed by pools of cooling lava, giving excellent warmth retention properties useful in massage. In crystal therapy, black obsidian is believed to have protective energies against mental stress and negative thoughts. Similarly in Feng Shui, it is thought to help clear out obstacles in one's career and life path, protecting its user from deception.

  • Traditional Wing shape Gua Sha with 4 touch points for versatile use
  • De-puff, Sculpt and De-stress facial muscles and jawline
  • Traditionally used in Eastern Therapy to stimulate lymphatic points in the face, neck and body
  1. Gently scrape outwards from the center of the face
  2. Press the warmed Gua Sha against the skin to boost the warmth of the Hot Stone Facial Mask
  3. Scrape along the jawline, neck and shoulders to reduce puffiness and relieve muscle tension

Black Obsidian

Snow Fox has become a global brand but its concept originated in Australia where the founder was born, as the daughter of first generation Taiwanese immigrants. After feeling unsatisfied with the results of conventional skin treatments for her Rosacea, she travelled back to Taiwan to develop Snow Fox's original formula, where chemists adopted both traditional Eastern healing methodologies and modern dermal sciences in practice. Nowadays, Snow Fox products are also made in USA, Japan and Australia based on the same clean, results-driven philosophy.