Breakdown Oil-Free Makeup Remover


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Finally — a makeup remover that’s gentle and powerful, yet totally lash-safe! Our innovative, oil-free formula feels like water, yet emulsifies on contact to completely dissolve even the toughest long-wear eye makeup. No rubbing, no tugging, and—best of all—no damage to your lovely lashes! Unlike other removers, this formula features fatty acids that dissolve makeup and prevent moisture loss, all without a greasy residue. And, because we love every type of lash, Breakdown works for both natural lashes and lash extensions!

  1. Saturate Clean Swoop Brush with Breakdown, gently working into the lash line and around the eye area to dissolve makeup.
  2. Wet brush with water and run over lashes to rinse.
  3. Pat dry.

Coconut derived Fatty Acids: gently breaks down makeup for easy removal, hydrates the eye area

Betaine derived from plants: keeps skin's moisture levels balanced and reduces moisture loss


Everyone deserves lush lashes, so Boboleta is putting the cult-favorite lash care line—previously for beauty professionals only—in you hands, and on your lashes. Borboleta knows lashes better than anyone. For the past decade, they have gotten up close and personal with all lash types to build a brand that makes lash dreams a reality, and a culture that puts lash health first.