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The key to every good glow-up starts with a mirror that glows juuust right. With the Aura vanity mirror, finding your perfect light is even easier than liking an Instagram photo. Just one tap switches the LED light to three different dimmable settings. And this girl is flexible! Aura can tilt forward and back 90 degrees so you can catch even the most elusive chin hairs.

  • 56 ultra-bright LED lights
  • 3 light temperatures: Soft White, Natural Daylight, and Neutral White
  • Dimmable light function
  • Main mirror 1X
  • Small detachable 15X suction mirror
  • Storage tray base
  • 90° front/back tilt & 180° horizontal rotation
  • 30-minute auto-shutoff
  • USB or battery powered (batteries not included)

Mirror dimensions: 7.0" wide x 9.0" tall

Product dimensions: 7.0" wide x 12" tall

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