Wool Dryer Balls


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Wool dryer balls make your tumble-dryer work smarter, not harder. They bounce around in the dryer, creating space between your clothes, towels or linens. The hot air moves around more efficiently, so your laundry dries up to 50% faster. Wool Dryer Balls also work as a natural fabric softener, reducing static and the need for synthetic chemical softener.

Includes 6 wool dryer balls.

  • Made from pure New Zealand wool, with zero fillers, additives, or chemicals.
  • Super sustainable- lasting for up to 1,000 loads or more.

Basil, Mandarin, and Kale: Bright, botanical blend of just-cut greens and herbs, rounded out with juicy citrus. This is a fresh, clean fragrance that everybody loves.

  1. Toss a ball in between handfuls of wet laundry.
  2. Try not to overstuff your dryer to allow room for your dryer balls to bounce freely.
  3. Your laundry will emerge wrinkle-free, static free, and infused with luxurious scent.

100% New Zealand Wool.

Former Fashion and Beauty Editor, Max Kater, found that traditional cleaning products were making her baby’s allergies worse every time she used them around her home. So, she developed her own plant-based housecleaning and personal care products that were natural and effective. And of course, they had to look good and smell amazing!