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Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum

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Close your eyes and get transported across the immensity of the desert. Suddenly, she appears, voluptuous. The Natural Vanilla reveals its aphrodisiac charms.

She sets her heart on the sea salt, mineral, crystalline. Under the influence, he can’t take his icy eyes off her. The encounter is symbiotic, electric, like the decibels that resonate far away. You think it was all a dream?

Top Notes: Sea Salt (Fleur de sel)

Heart Notes: Natural Vanilla Absolute, Orchid Absolute

Base Notes: Absolute Brown Musk, Bezoin Absolute, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

Travel Spray 7.5ml

Full Size: 100ml

Created in France between Paris and Grasse by Romano Ricci, great grandson of Nina Ricci. A twisted heroine of Shakespeare transported into the 21st century with a gun, metaphor for her perfume, her weapon of seduction. A collection of fragrances designed for one who also understands that wearing a signature scent goes far beyond the simple fact of smelling just “nice”... It’s a statement. An affirmation of who you are. Romano Ricci aims to restore perfumes to what they should always be: emblems of style and originality.