Black Leather Makeup Bag



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A classic black exterior that takes you effortlessly through seasons. And the best part? The leopard print interior zips out and can be machine washed, so it'll always look brand new.

  • Washable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Premium Quality


  • 5"x7.5"
  • Holds 5-10 products
  • Purse size for daily essentials


  • 6"x11.5"
  • Holds 15-20 products
  • Ideal for weekend trips away


  • 7"x13"
  • Holds 25-30 products
  • Ideal for trips 5+ days

KUSSHI grew from a persistent packing problem—makeup bags that got dirty, couldn’t be washed and were hard to find products in. Disappointed with the bags on the market, KUSSHI set out to fill an obvious gap with the idea that form and function should work hand in hand. After a year and a half of designing, testing, and gaining feedback from women who travel all over the world, Kusshi finally began production of the most organized makeup bag you will find on the market.

KUSSHI was founded by women for women to bring moments of unexpected joy. Blending elegant design with quality craftsmanship for a customizable cosmetic bag like never before — combining luxurious materials like butter soft leather and durable nylon take functional design to new levels.