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Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence

$ 77

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Strengthen your skin against pollution and external aggressors. Increase your skin’s absorption capacity and enhance the efficiency of the skincare products you choose to apply next. Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence is an essential step to finish your daily cleansing ritual. A pre-treatment, prebiotic essence that balances skin microbiota and provides intense hydration that lasts up to 72 hours*. It also fights skin damage caused by heavy metals present in the atmosphere. The result: a fortified, flexible and luminous complexion.

Step 1 : Morning and evening, after facial cleansing and before any other treatment product.

Step 2 : Pump 2-3 splashes of this lotion onto the palm of your hand.

Step 3 : Extend over your face, neck and décolleté and massage gently.

Step 4 : Press gently with your fingertips as you massage until the product is full absorbed.

7 oz