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Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse

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A sumptuous gel cleanser that removes any impurity while it softens and brightens your skin. A silky luxurious cleanser that will refine your complexion with its delicate three-phase texture (gel-oil-emulsion). Its revolutionary formula with brightening ingredients removes makeup, evens tone and prevents dehydration on eyes, lips, face, neck and décolleté while it softens and brightens your skin.

Cleanse your skin morning and night, applying the product to your face, including the eye contour area. Massage with a gentle, circular motion. When the texture becomes light, moisten your hands and continue the massage until the product becomes an emulsion. Rinse with water and/or using moist towel.

• In addition to being an excellent cleanser, it is also great for removing eye makeup.

• Ideal for skin that needs relief from the feeling of tightness after cleansing.

• You may use it 1 or 2 times per week, applying a thin coat to your face and covering with a small towel moistened in hot water; let it work for 5 minutes to achieve extraordinary cleansing.

3 oz or 7 oz