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Inhibit Tensolift Neck Cream

$ 215

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Our neck is a main feature of that first impression. It’s certainly part of that very first glance.

Tensolift Neck Cream is specifically designed to lift and firm the skin of your neck. This effective anti-wrinkle remodeling cream has a wondrous formula of exceptionally highly concentrated ingredients like BioMimetic Placenta®, a miracle ingredient of 5 growth factors essential for skin rejuvenation and lifting, double hyaluronic acid, Aquaxyl, amaranth oil and others for exceptional hydration and restructuring, and niacinamide which helps fight the appearance of dark spots, thereby lightening and evening the skin tone.

Apply this cream using gentle, upward motions.

  • Thanks to its lifting effect, firms and visibly tightens skin.
  • Fights and prevents dark spots, adding luminosity.
  • Tones and helps reinforce skin’s natural tightening mesh.