Let's Party! Greeting Card


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Paper Barista's handmade cards feature a creamy, soft texture and a natural deckled edge around all four sides. Not only is handmade paper beautiful, but it helps us ensure there was no slave labor in the supply chain.

  • Deckled Edge Eco-Friendly + Ethical Recycled Cotton Rag Paper
  • Letterpress printed
  • Kraft Recycled Envelope
  • 1 Sided - Blank on Back

4.25"W x 5.5"L

Two years ago Paper Baristas began to create products for shops around the US. They learned from fellow peers that to make the margins work, they needed to source their products overseas. Made in the US meant it would be 4 to 5 times more expensive. Paper Baristas never understood how products could be sourced so cheaply. It was then that their eyes were open to our own footprint in modern day slavery through the supply chain in everyday products.

Unsure about what their future held, Paper Baristas radically shifted the company to raise awareness of slavery through their products. Making the mission come first and the products be a means to an end, an end to slavery.