B&B Custom Peel


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The layers of this peel are customized to address specific issues and concerns, treating the outermost layers of the skin. This peel can range from light and glowy results with no downtime, to more aggressive with shedding the surface layers of the skin for 3-5 days. Please discuss your goals and concerns with your esthetician prior to beginning this service.

Peels are safe for all skin types, and our estheticians are trained to identify what treatment combination is safe for each person’s skin in order for patients to reap the greatest benefits. Professional peels are increasingly effective with pre- and post-treatment care, balancing your skin before the peel and nurturing it after the treatment.

  1. Wait a minimum of 4 hours after the procedure to wet or wash your face.
  2. To achieve optimum results, sleep in the products that were applied to your face during the treatment.
  3. Use the recommended aftercare products twice daily for a minimum of one week.
  4. For 5-10 days after the treatment, refrain from:
    • Using at-home scrubs or peels
    • Sweating or becoming overheated
    • Using a tanning bed
  5. Wear spf any time you are outside or exposed to the sun.

Please Note: Peeling & flaking may occur. If you do experience skin peeling or flaking during the week following your procedure, do not pick or pull at the flaking skin.

Water blisters may appear. This is a rare, but normal reaction. They should resolve themselves on their own in 1-2 days. DO NOT pop them if they appear.

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