Hydrogel Chin Mask


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Elastic KOCOSTAR Hydrogel Chin Pack gently adheres to the skin to moisturize and smooth the skin and help firm the jawline. Contains niacinamide, corn protein, peptides and collagen to help maintain skin's elasticity and brighten skin.

  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Remove the protective film from the product.
  3. Align the center of the product with your chin and gently stretch the loops to the ears.
  4. Smooth out with your palms and adjust to a comfortable position.
  5. Remove after 25 minutes.
KOCOSTAR thrives to be the No. 1 beauty care mask brand that delivers a quality at-home beauty care. Launched in 2013, they are steadily reaching toward the goal to be the Korean Cosmetic Star in the global beauty industry. Forget about expensive salon & spa and save your time & dime with their hair-to-feet mask series. You can name a body part, and they've got you covered.