Contour Glove


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FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommended red light therapy device with clinically-proven results for skin rejuvenation and joint pain.

Omnilux’s therapeutic wavelengths of light penetrate deep into the skin, promoting cellular regeneration and collagen production to foster both external changes (skin rejuvenation) and internal healing (less inflammation). Equipped with 144 LEDs and manufactured using Omnilux's medical grade LEDs, the Contour Glove provides a medical-grade treatment built to protect and correct an often overworked and under treated area.

  • Improves the appearance of sunspots, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry cracking skin, and uneven skin tone
  • Reduces inflammation, pain, and irritation associated with joint conditions
  • Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin
  • All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime
  • Flexible silicone Glove device
  • Power supply & plug adaptors
  • USB C line to outlet connector
  • Adjustable strap
  • Carry bag

Three to five, 10-minute treatments per week for 4-6 weeks followed by maintenance as desired

  1. Charge your device
  2. Prepare your skin
  3. Secure the device to your hand and wrist using the velcro strap
  4. Start the 10-minute treatment
  5. Remove the device and apply moisturizer to skin
  6. Gently wipe down the mask

Backed by over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies and decades of continuous research, Omnilux is the brand most trusted and used by dermatologists worldwide. With more FDA-approved indications than any other brand, Omnilux has now pioneered the use of their gold-standard medical LED technology in convenient at-home devices, paving the way for unlimited, transformative skincare treatments without a clinical visit.